What does my donation do?

What does my donation do?

Whether you are a long-time supporter of Habitat for Humanity or a first-time donor, you may ask yourself, “So, what exactly does my donation do?” or perhaps, “I don’t have a lot of extra money, does my $20 donation REALLY make an impact?”

The answer is YES.

Have you ever heard the analogy “many hands make light work?”  I dare to say “many gifts make a house, a home.” 

Whether you are able to give $10,000 or $10, your gift makes a difference.  Your $10 may buy the flowers that brighten up the front porch of a single mother who finally has a home to call her own. Your $50 may purchase the light-pink paint for a baby girl’s room or paint for the UK-blue bathroom a veteran has always dreamed of.  Think of all you could do if you get your company teamtogether and do a fundraiser for Kentucky Habitat.  The $1,000 you raise may provide a shower to a family who has experienced life homeless on the streets… your gift gives them their very own shower.

Here is a list of things that can be purchased through various levels of giving:

Your $15 gift may provide landscape rocks or a hanging basket of flowers, to make the house feel like home.

Your $50 gift could purchase two gallons of paint, a bucket of nails or a light fixture – much needed supplies as the house is being built.

$150 can buy a window, a bathroom vanity, or a toilet, bringing the house one step closer to completion.

$250 covers the cost of the front and back door, providing security to the occupant.

$500 provides flooring for a room.  Perhaps a bedroom where a child will do their homework, or the kitchen where a family may enjoy a meal together.

$1,000 provides the tub/shower unit or a hot water heater, so our homeowners feel their best each day.

$2,500 is the cost of the foundation for a Habitat home.  Your gift could literally be the foundation to a new home and a new life for fellow Kentuckians.

$3,000 covers the cost of the shingles for the roof.

$5,000 can purchase an HVAC unit to keep homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

$7,000 pays for all of the lumber to frame the interior and exterior walls of a home.

These are just SOME of the examples of the impact your generous donation can have on the lives of men, women, and children in our beloved Bluegrass State.  Know that your gift, whether $10 or $10,000, will help to build a safe, comfortable house for a Kentuckian in need.

Ready to make an impact today? Click here and help us help fellow Kentuckians get back on their feet with the security of a home. Want to read about one of the families we’re helping right now in our state? Click here to learn about Tamara’s family, their need and how you can help.

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