Long-Term Recovery & Assistance

Long term & Recovery efforts

by Kentucky Habitat for Humanity are vital to the growth of our local communities after devastating natural disasters.

We help to provide relief by assisting the affiliate in all of the nitty gritty aspects–we are their fiduciary agent in a sense. Affiliates need to focus on the rebuilds, so we handle the rest! Securing and writing grants, meeting with potential funders, insuring all paperwork and compliance aspects are complete and met, special event organization if needed, assembling volunteers. We’re here for the long term and duration of the rebuild for these communities that suffer great losses. Our affiliate can concentrate on building and serving the communities, allowing people to begin their lives again.

In addition, Kentucky Habitat for Humanity has a low interest loan program. These programs help jumpstart the builds by providing necessary funding quickly and efficiently.

Are you an affiliate in need of assistance? Tell us your story!