KY Habitat for Humanity has launched and directed the following initiatives and projects since its founding in 1994:



In the first statewide Habitat for Humanity building project of its kind in the United States, Kentucky Habitat challenged Kentucky Affiliates to build 94 houses in one year.  They built 101, more than the total number of houses constructed by Habitat Affiliates in Kentucky since the year Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) was founded, in 1976.


Western KY Mayoral Build

Affiliates invited city mayors and other elected officials to join in one-week blitz builds in towns and cities throughout Western Kentucky. The effort created better understanding of non-profit housing infrastructure needs and how to meet them by city and county officials.


Hammering in the Hills Derby Blitz

In preparation for the 1997 Jimmy Carter Work Project, hundreds of volunteers mobilized to help seven affiliates in the Appalachian Region of Kentucky and Tennessee simultaneously build seven houses in one week at seven locations.


Jimmy Carter Work Project: Hammering in the Hills

Thousands of volunteers from all over the world worked with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, at seven sites in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee, building homes simultaneously for 50 families in just one week for the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project.

Hammering in the Hills Echo

In honor of their counterparts in Appalachia, Habitat Affiliates throughout Kentucky built an additional 100 homes in 1997 for families in need.


Hammering in the Hills of Mexico

Through the tithes sent by the 1997 Jimmy Carter Work Project: Hammering in the Hills Appalachian Affiliates to Habitat Affiliates in Mexico, Kentucky volunteers blitz built homes for people in need in the mountainous region near Vera Cruz.


Hammering in the Hills for Reconciliation

Through the tithes sent by the 1997 Jimmy Carter Work Project: Hammering in the Hills Appalachian Affiliates to Habitat Affiliates in Northern Ireland, volunteer teams from that country came to Kentucky and blitz built homes in Beattyville/Lee County, Lancaster/Garrard County and Simpson/Franklin County. Habitat Northern Ireland’s mission includes facilitating reconciliation between Protestant and Catholic Churches.


Homes for 2000

In an unprecedented model of inter-agency collaboration, Kentucky Habitat for Humanity reached out to all the non-profit housing providers in Kentucky to create 2000 units of housing in one year. The goal was met and new relationships were established in evaluating the continuum of care that can be provided people in need, from those who are homeless to those who can’t afford their home.


World Leaders Build

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) called on Kentucky Habitat to coordinate an international building project commemorating HFHI’s 25th anniversary year. Reaching out to the heads of state and government at the behest of former President Jimmy Carter to join him in his annual work project (in South Korea) resulted in 45 nations building Habitat Homes throughout the year for the World Leaders Build. Then President George W. Bush led the U.S. effort in his hometown of Waco, Texas.


1,000th Home Built

Habitat Affiliates in Kentucky constructed their 1000th home. It is in the state’s capitol city, Frankfort.


Tsunami Response

over 100 Kentuckians, under the leadership of longtime volunteer Pat Smith, traveled to India to rebuild a village where more than 170 homes were destroyed during the Great Indian Ocean Tsunami and Earthquake of 2004.


Through the development of lasting and ongoing partnerships with key affordable housing funders and programs, including the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Kentucky Housing Corporation, Kentucky’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and numerous charitable foundations and organizations, KY Habitat has procured $10 million for Kentucky Habitat Affiliates to help them serve families in need of safe, decent, affordable and energy-efficient housing.


Katrina Relief

A steady stream of Kentucky volunteers traveled back and forth to Gulfport, MS and built new homes for low-income residents whose housing was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.


Kentucky ReStore Council

By sharing best practices and institutional knowledge, the council, formed in 2010, enables affiliates to work together to support and increase the capacity of 14+ Habitat ReStores throughout Kentucky.



Certification was finalized in January for the US Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund, providing access to affiliate funding sources that include the Capital Magnet Fund, CDFI Bond Guarantee Program, Community Development Financial Institutions Program, and the New Markets Tax Credit Program.


Long Term Recovery-Tornado Relief- Federal Disaster Declaration

KyHFH, in partnership with the Cave Run Area HFH, built and served over 30 families in new home construction during this recovery initiative, launched on March 2, 2012.


Shipping Container Home Exhibition

KyHFH created a home from a shipping container, which was adapted as an affordable and energy-efficient option for extremely low-income Kentuckians. For 10 days in August at the Kentucky State Fair, over 600,000 Kentuckians had the opportunity to tour this home.


Hammers for Heroes

Launched in April 2016 for US Veterans in critical need of home repairs. To date, KyHFH has completed over 60 projects with funding through the Home Depot Foundation, KY Department of Veterans Affairs and Schneider Electric.

KyHFH Annual Statewide Conference

Held in June in Louisville for more than 100 attendees who took part in three days of educational workshops, fellowship, an awards dinner and hands-on construction, on-site experience.


Veterans Day Dedication

Nov. 10, 2017

In partnership with HFHI and the Home Depot Foundation, KyHFH was able to rehabilitate a Louisville home for a Navy Veteran who was homeless. Her home was created through a unique collaboration among Louisville’s labor unions, the KY Department of Veterans Affairs, Housing Partnership of Louisville, Kentucky Housing Corporation and numerous local businesses and organizations.


Built to Capacity

During FY 2018, Kentucky Habitat affiliates built their capacity in serving more low income families in need. Overall production was up 9%, critical home repairs were up 17% and new construction was up 10%.